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We co-design the green cities of the future with Mayors, CEOs and VCs.

We’re connecting hundreds of cities as “problem owners” with businesses and funders as “solution providers” to co-create cities of the future.

Less footprint and more dialogue, cleantech investment and opportunties.

We test, we validate, and then we replicate.


To set up and energize a network of companies interested in and committed to the Smart Cities concept.

To develop, promote and offer comprehensive solutions and models of energy efficiency to the cities and towns of the Valencian Community and the rest of Spain.

To establish a dynamic and continuous dialogue with the local public administration and to offer tailor-made solutions taking into account their necessities.


SMEs and larger companies linked to industries that could help build Smart Cities, such as energy, water, transportation or security companies.

Citizen Representatives such as town halls and provincial councils.

Universities, research centers, associations, platforms and networks.



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    WG1 CHALLENGE: Conveying the challenges and necessities of different municipalities with regards to various aspects concerning Smart Cities. Creating a Directing Plan.

    WG2 SOLUTIONS: Proposing comprehensive solutions to the issues detected by WG1 with regards to: mobility, energy efficiency, water management, building, smart grids, security, lightning, waste management, etc. that will help to execute a carry out the Directing Plan.

    WG3 FUNDING AND DIFFUSION: Finding funding (private and public banking, investment funds, national funds, European funds) for the projects proposed by the Think Tank. Diffusion, promotion and coordination.

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    The annual cost to apply for active membership is:

    • Companies – AVAESEN annual fee. JOIN US

    • Start-up – 500 € / year

    • Universities – Free

    • Town halls, provincial councils, public administration – Free

    • Technological institutes, Associations and platforms – Free if 2 of its members are part of the TTSC

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