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EU Techbridge is a 24-month European project (2020-2022) funded by COSME-Cluster Go International. This initiative will support SMEs working at the intersection of energy and water value chains to integrate into US and Canadian markets.

Are you a SME that operates to find innovative solutions related to sustainability issues in the water and energy sectors? Are you interested in the North American market?
The EU Techbridge project can connect you to end-users in North America who are looking for Innovative solutions on cross-over energy and water.


EU Techbridge’s main objective is to support the internationalization of European SMEs to help them take full advantage of the growing demand for sustainable energy and smart water technologies in the United States and Canada.

The project matches innovative European SMEs with North American based end-users/corporate buyers which are looking for innovative water and energy solutions. By setting up an intensive matchmaking programme (virtual and physical), concrete challenges from North American corporate buyers will be matched with innovative solutions from European SMEs.

EU Techbridge will organise 5 matchmaking missions from Europe to Canada and the United States. Before each mission, interested SMEs will be invited to participte to webinars where the North American challenge owners will specify their technology needs. Aſter that, European SMEs will be invited to apply presenting their solutions. The selected SMEs will participate to a first phase of virtual matchmaking, which will be followed by the physical mission. The first mission is scheduled for Spring of 2021.

EU Techbridge will allow you to:

    • Be informed about the state of the art of innovation in the water and energy fields of the United States and Canada.
    • Stay updated on emerging business opportunities in the North American market.
    • Get in touch with potential Canadian and US partners to present your innovative solution.


Modern energy and water systems play an essential role in all economies and are fundamentally linked, making the energy-water nexus a field of strategic importance. On one hand, meeting energy needs depends upon the availability of water for mineral extraction and mining, fuel production, hydropower, and thermoelectric power plant cooling. On the other hand, energy is required for the pumping, conveyance, treatment, conditioningand distribution of water and for the collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater.

As a result, policy frameworks are increasingly supporting the deployment of sustainable energy technologies and strengthening incentives to enhance energy efficiency, and the energy exploration industry is increasingly seeking to minimize its environmental footprint. At the same time, climate change has begun to heighten water scarcity in already-stressed regions. Moreover, much of North America’s water infrastructure is also nearing the end of its useful life, with the prospects of massive investments on the horizon.

EU Techbridge is an opportunity for European SMEs to tap into accelerating global demand for their solutions and project them into two markets of strategic importance for the EU – Canada and the US.


The Consortium counts 5 European Clusters:

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