HELIA Energía

Helia Coop. V. is an electrical cooperative based in Enguera (Valencia). Born in February 2017, as a non-profit consumer and user cooperative. Our main activity is the commercialization of electrical energy.

We manage the acquisition of renewable energy that our associates need without the figure of large intermediaries. This allows us better price conditions for users and a small profit margin.

We are authorized to market throughout the Spanish territory except the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. However, we mainly direct our services to the population of the Enguera – La Canal de Navarrés and La Costera regions. We are an alternative, local and regional, aware of the social reality of our territory. For this reason, we want to reverse our benefits in social and environmental projects in order to increase well-being in our municipalities.

The highest decision-making body of the cooperative is the General Assembly of members, in which each person has one vote. In it, the decisions that affect the operation of the cooperative are made and a Governing Council is chosen periodically, which will be the one who will ensure compliance with the agreements made.

We chose the cooperative model because it is more democratic, horizontal and transparent. It distributes wealth more equitably and favors the participation of all partners through the right to the information that is generated and decision-making.

As a member you can actively participate in a change in the energy model towards a more sustainable society. However, you can benefit from our services without having to be a member, you choose.

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