We believe in a different approach to renewable energy generation and we want to change the way people think about energy use, harnessing and management.

We propose new models and technologies for energy generation, use and management , which enable society as a whole to move forward in a sustainable way.

There are times in life when you want to evolve and move away from obsolete models. There are times when you have to build, develop and improve the system you are working on, with the main objective of providing solutions and enabling resources to be optimized, hence increasing profitability.

When these times arise, if you could, you would search the world over, testing all the available technologies to be able to choose the most efficient and best option in your case. Unfortunately, this is not normally possible.

However, Genia Global Energy provides you with the most advanced and tested technologies. Spot Market Generation, Photovoltaic Self-consumption, Storage, Bioenergy Energy Management, SmallBiogas Self-consumption, Intelligent Lighting, IoT, Branch Circuit Monitoring, AI machine Learning are our fields of expertise.

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