GR We are a company backed by a wide professional career that has three lines of activity: energy self-consumption, comprehensive reforms and space equipment.

Our company is made up of authentic professionals in each of these three fields who interact with each other as communicating vessels to offer the best response to the demands of each real project. We are innovative and offer solutions based on competitive prices of high value for our clients.

In the field of energy self-consumption we carry out isolated and grid-connected photovoltaic installations both in single-family homes and in industrial buildings, and Microcogeneration facilities capable of generating electricity from a continuous consumption of hot water in hotels, residences and industries.

We are distributors of XRGI motors, leaders in the European microcogeneration market. Under our greendök4U brand we do all kinds of works and renovations both in homes, hotels, offices and the tertiary sector, highlighting those aimed at renovating buildings and correcting pathologies, being We are also specialists in sustainable construction and buildings with almost zero consumption.

In the equipment area, we supply furniture, chairs and accessories in general for offices, educational centers and other tertiary spaces. We are an official licensee of Steelcase, a world leader in workplace solutions.

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