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??????????Regional Innovation Scheme: Outreach Study Visits

Valencian Region & North of Portugal and Lisbon


The exchange visits will support and facilitate cooperation between the project partners. These
visits will be two-way allowing the project partners to showcase their regional innovation

● Activities
○ Inward Exchange Visits to host Climate-KIC regions: 20 people for 3 days, 26-28
○ Outward Exchange Visits to the outreach regions: 20 people for 3 days, 2-4 Dec.

Selection Criteria

An open process is being followed, as to comply with EIT guidelines.
An e-mail inviting the regional partnership and some active organisations enclosed in the target
groups listed below will be issued. The former will be prioritised given the existing linkage, as well
as 1 person per organisation.
If the expressions of interest exceed the available number of seats, a decision will be taken based
on the backing criteria (relevance of their field of activity, type of organisation, etc.), as to have a
balanced audience.
The participation will be extended to other RIC regions if any seat remains available after the
signing-up period. Cross-region participation is promoted in this way.

1. Target Groups
Relevant participants from the different corners of the innovation pyramid should be involved
(universities, research and technological centres, public authorities and bodies, and businesses), as
● Representatives of the regional consortium.
● R&D and EU managers.
● RTOs.
● Researchers.
● Public officers.
● Companies. Either mature or in a start-up phase (e.g. participants or former participants of
the Accelerator programme and the Clean Launch Pad).
● Chambers of Commerce.
● Clusters.
● Etc.