AVAESEN is a non-profit association of energy-related companies established in the Valencian region.


The Valencian Cluster of Energy Industries – AVAESEN – is a non-profit association of energy-related companies focusing on renewable energies, the circular economy, the water cycle, waste treatment and smart cities, which was established in the Valencian region of Spain. AVAESEN encompasses 80% of the companies of the Valencian renewable energies sector, as well as more than 6,000 jobs.
Established back in 2006, the Cluster represents and advocates for the clean energy sector, offering tailor-made services to its members based on a joint plan , aiming at boosting their competitiveness, innovation and growth.
AVAESEN was been recognized by the European Union for its ‘Cluster Management Excellence’, and currently coordinates the Climate-KIC Accelerator, the largest entrepreneurship clean-tech program of the European Union, as well as the main European cluster of water and energy, ESCP 4-i Energy in Water.
ESCP 4-i Energy in Water. http://www.energyinwater.eu



  • To promote networking between partners

    fostering profitable business exchanges and R&D cooperation

  • To find the best opportunities for business partners

    in an increasingly globalized market

  • To boost the competitiveness and innovation of the Valencian energy sector

    by fostering the activities of production, commercialization and internationalization of its members.

  • To promote the rational use of energy

    by increasing the energy security and fighting against climate change



Dear visitor,

Please allow me to warmly welcome you to our website, in which I strongly hope you will find information of your interest. I would also like to kindly invite you to collaborate with us through your contributions and impressions.

AVAESEN was founded in 2006 with the aim of representing, promoting and defending the energy sector of the Valencian Region. AVAESEN’s creation should be understood in the context of growing sustainable energies and of stronger sustainable industries, as well as by the consolidation of the wind energy as a key source in the Spanish and Valencian energy mix.

Despite the timid beginnings of our association, the enthusiasm of the founding firms and the strong conviction to join forces has resulted in the grouping of nearly 200 associated companies which represent the entire value chain of the complex energy sector.

Moreover, this short period of time has been highly intense, as we have been able to experience the “golden age” of the sustainable energy sector, followed by phases of crisis and uncertainty. At first, this private initiative was capable of pulling up such a powerful industry to the extent that AVAESEN became a world reference in the renewable energy sector. As a result of this, AVAESEN was invited to participate in many international events in order to uncover the secrets of the “Spanish Miracle”, and participated in these together with its partners offering them the opportunity to establish fruitful commercial ties.

However, due to an erratic regulatory policy, this prosperous time was followed by successive readjustments, many of which were contradictory and incompatible. Whilst these changes affected all energy-generation sources, the renewable sources have been most harshly affected, and have been portrayed in a negative light, in turn endangering all that we have built with deep efforts: our country’s reputation, our industry, our jobs, our future…

Notwithstanding this, we don’t resign ourselves in AVAESEN. We look at the future with hope. We know that we represent the worthiest sector, which seeks an efficient and sustainable development – a sector that wishes to reach a brighter future. For all these reasons, we have developed multiple tailor-made initiatives designed to train and inform, to develop business ties within our country and abroad, and to support the innovation of sustainable energy generation and energy efficiency.

Our team, the Executive Board and the President of AVAESEN are at your disposal for everything you may need.

I strongly encourage you to share your experience with us.

Marcos J. Lacruz
President of AVAESEN

Board of Directors

The General Assembly, constituted by the Board of Directors, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Standing Committees, is in charge of the governance and management of the association.

It is composed by all Tenured Members as well as by one representative for every Collective Member, all with the right to speak and vote, with one vote per member regardless of their different nature.

The Governing Board consists of a President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and three Members as determined in the bylaw of the Association.

D. Marcos Lacruz López, de ENERGY Investment & Consultance

D. Héctor Paricio Rubio, de Carrau Corporación Jurídica y Financiera, S.L.

D. Enrique Selva Bellvis, de IM2 Systems, S.L.
D. José Fidel Roig Agut, de Valfortec, S.L.

D. David Salvo Lillo, de Power Electronics, S.L.

D. Enrique Daroqui Raga, de Aplicaciones Técnicas de la Energía, S.A.
D. Alfonso Granados, de Campos Corporación.
D. Carlos Torregrosa , de FACSA
Dña. María Olleros Sánchez, Olleros Abogados, S.L.P
D. Juan De Dios Bornay Martínez, Bornay Aerogeneradores, S.L.U


Bianca Dragomir
Pilar de la Fuente
Administration Manager
Salomé Reíllo
Project Manager
Inma Bordera
Project Manager Think Tank Smart Cities



European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label Certificate


Climate-KIC Accelerator


ECSP:Energy in Waterr